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As soon as we prepared the BiblioZAUR with the help of the funds raised at Timotion 2022 , we also found ourselves with a team of… we don’t even know what to call them, so we will introduce them directly:

💙 Albastrosaurus, 🧡 Portodactyl, 💚 Verzoraptor , 💜 Violetodon, i.e. BiblioZAUR TEAM! They are a cool and energetic gang of bibliophile dinosaurs and each one has a plan for the space in the Fibiș school yard and for BiblioZAUR.

💚 Verzoraptor, who is an artistic nature-loving spirit, wants to redecorate the school yard so that the little ones can find inspiration and develop their artistic side. What does he want? A THEATER stage where students can play their favorite roles, a MUSIC WALL and several READING CORNERS, for students to use whenever they want, during school or holidays.

🧡 Portodactyl, very sociable and eager to interact with people, has many FORMAL and NONFORMAL WORKSHOPS in mind throughout the year, at least as interesting as those already held in the Fibiș community and neighboring communities. His biggest project is FIBIȘ EDUCATION SPRING, a regional conference organized in collaboration with the Education Initiative Association and the local authorities, to which he wants to invite at least 100 teachers from the region!

💙 Albastrosaurus, the most active and energetic of all, plans many EXCURSIONS and VISITS in the county and the country. Not only that, but they would be very happy to offer students with exceptional results the opportunity to participate in EDUCATIONAL CAMPS (for example, Happy Faces, Alba county)

💜 Violetodon, the warmest dinosaur of the team, thinks of all our students with love and would like everyone to find their place in our school. Children’s needs are different and Violetodon wants to help all students who experience special educational needs or emotional difficulties to reach their best selves and have the courage to express their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgement. Thus, our friend made friends with some wonderful people who will help him to carry out his plan: a PSYCHOLOGIST, a speech therapist and a school THERAPIST, which are so necessary in any school!

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