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Şcoala Gimnazială Boldur: Educați și implicați azi, împliniți și valoroși mâine!

The activities carried out in a non-formal context represent a completion of school education, through new life experiences. By implementing the project “Educate and engage today, fulfill and value tomorrow!” in our school, we want to offer our students real learning contexts, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, convinced that good habits are learned at an early age. Together with a team of 7 passionate and dedicated teachers, together with high school students and university student volunteers, we want to bring more value to the rural educational community. Every month, during the 6 months of the project, all primary school students of Boldur Secondary School will participate in reading activities, culinary workshops, public speaking and personal, sports and financial development, through which they will improve their life skills. Through this project, we want to highlight the talents and abilities of the children in our school and stimulate their participation in various educational actions that will prepare them for life in the community.

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