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Pișcotel merge la dentist

For children with an autism spectrum disorder, a visit to the dentist can be a real ordeal. In addition to the fear of newness and pain, there is also a difficulty in sensory processing. Their sensations can be much stronger than that of a neurotypical child. That is why, in order to get to the dentist’s chair, children with autism need additional training consisting of dozens of hours of orofacial desensitization therapy, then a gradual exposure to the new environment and medical instruments. Through the “Pișcotel merge la dentist” (Pișcoțel goes to the dentist) project, we want to support 15 children with autism in this effort to cooperate and accept dental procedures. At the same time, we want to develop long-term collaborations with dentists who will provide support in this regard to other children with autism in Timișoara or even in other localities in Timiș county.

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