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We are Alergotura ( translated “Run-a-Track”). We started running a lap or two randomly, together with friends or acquaintances, more than five years ago. We have various ages and professional areas. We are united by the pleasure to be outdoors and run together because it is funnier and easier to share the effort of running workout with somebody else. You are always welcome to run with us and we are looking forward sharing all this joy with you.

We believe that the run is a drug that lots of people search for and it’s hard to find. Some do it to loose weight, to relief stress, others to shape their body. Running sums it all, therefore the Alergotura members encourage a wealthy lifestyle. Thea means to achieve this are daily runs in various Timisoara neighborhoods aimed to initiate or help others begin to enjoy running.

We learned we can do more. Several years ago we united our inspiration and creativity to do even more for Timisoara. We thought that we can make a difference by making Timisoara move, by inspiring people to get involved to help the unfortunate ones. “Timotion – Timisoara is moving” was borne. We are now preparing the Sixth Edition with our mature experience of 5 years that confirmed what we already knew: loving is sharing, giving more is getting more. This is how we now put the piece by piece into our Community puzzle.

Last, but not least. We are all volunteers. Timotion is not a dream, it is a reality that we love!


Fundația Comunitară Timișoara


The Comunity Foundation Timișoara (FCTM) has teamed up with Alergotura to drive Timotion. 

We link and sustain the local Community to help a wide range of donors to re-distribute wealth to social causes. FCTM promotes the involvement of the inhabitants of Timisoara in local projects. Our impact is growing as our doors are always open for you. Our believe is that together we can sustain, know, connect and grow. 


The community foundations are the engine of positive changes in the the society where they activate, stimulating the participation and local cooperation. FCTM is part of a national network of Community Foundations with global partnerships.



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