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Lectura te face M.A.R.E.

Reading is an essential aspect in the formation of children and is particularly important, especially at a young age. Reading grows us, forms us and has the ability to transform us. Starting from this creed, in the project “Lectura te face M.A.R.E!(Reading makes you B.I.G.) we are preparing 10 non-formal reading workshops for 250 children from vulnerable backgrounds in Timiș County. We will ensure the access of at least 60 teaching staff to a series of professional training workshops using non-formal methods, we are preparing at least 50 open educational resources, of which 20 new stories in the “Cufărul călător” (Story Chest) podcast, we offer access for at least 100 children from 4 primary classes at the “Cufărul călător” (Story Chest) library, we set up two reading corners in two rural schools for their students and equip the kindergarten in Pesac with 50 books suitable for preschool education.

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