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Incubatorul de talente pentru TINEri

Through the project “Incubatorul de talente pentru TINEri” (CNB Theater Studio – Talent Incubator for YOUNG PEOPLE) we will create a SPACE at our school in the center of which we will place the educational theater. It is well known for its educational value, even therapeutic, because it develops students’ adaptability to various social situations, facilitating the exchange of ideas and questions about young people’s problems and their topics of interest. The participation of the 700 students in the theater troupe, in Drama in English classes or in musical workshops will positively influence their learning capacity and psycho-emotional development. The activities carried out in these workshops will involve improvisation, movement games, voice and diction exercises, small plays for which classrooms, with furniture difficult to move and not sound-insulated, are not a suitable space.

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