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How to register

I❤  Timotion – May 12 2024

Registration for Timotion 10th edition is done exclusively online, between February 1st – April 28th 2024 by clicking on the Registration button. If you have previously participated in Timotion races, log in and go straight to your profile page.

To register, choose the race you want to take part in, as well as the project you want to support. You can do this either with your participation fee.

Optionally, you can specify your team’s name (a team can be made up of co-workers, schoolmates, club members or quite simply friends and family).

Registration of participants over 18 and 7-18 years old

When registering you need to give a valid email address, where we’ll be sending you updates about the event.

Press the Registration button. If you have previously participated in Timotion races, log in and go straight to your profile page.

Now that you are logged in, follow these steps on your profile page:

  •  Select the project you want to support, of the 17 projects available for this year’s edition;
  •  Select one of the 8 races;
  •  Add a T-shirt or an additional donation, if you wish;
  •  Follow the payment steps by clicking on PAY NOW.

Registration of minor participants, over 7 years old

Children over the age of 7 will pay the entry fee, and can be registered individually, or can be registered by an adult, on their profile page on the Timotion website, through the option Enter another runner.

Registration of children under  7  years old

Children younger than 7 (born after May 12th, 2017) will be registered by an adult and will run / ride only if accompanied by a parent / guardian who will participate (pay the tax of participation) and ride along them for the entire course of the race.

Registration of children under 7 can only be done by an adult participant who is already registered in the race, from their profile page (needs logging in). (link)

Participation fee

  • Hamilton Race 2 km: 70 RON
  • Decathlon – Fun on Wheels Race 2 km : 70 RON
  • Profi Race 5.5 km: 130 RON
  • Dräxlmaier Race – cycling 10 km: 140 RON
  • 10.5 km Akwel Race and Flexik Semi-marathon 21 km: 150 RON
  • Timotion Flex – Everywhere Race: 70 RON
  • Continental Little Timotion Champions Race (non-timed race): 1.000 RON

Participation is free of charge for children under 7 (born after May 12th, 2017).

Further info about the races you can find here.

In order to register, you undertake to accept and observe the Participation regulation.

The registration form is here: Registration.

If you have questions or any difficulty registering, please send us an e-mail to info@timotion.ro so that we can help, or call +40799 518 728.

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