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Event Participation Terms and Conditions

By REGISTERING in this event, participants automatically accept and undertake to observe the present Regulation.

„Timotion – Timişoara is moving” is a mass sports event, the purpose of which is to promote a healthy lifestyle through work out and sport, as well as to raise funds for charitable projects and causes in Timişoara and the west of Romania. This event is henceforth referred to as “event” or “the event”.

The Event is organized by the „Asociaţia Alergotura” Sports Club and Fundaţia Comunitară Timişoara (The Timisoara Community Foundation), in partnership with local authorities and institutions, sponsors, associations and legal or private persons, who contribute free of charge or as volunteers.


General information

This year (2024) 17 projects will be supported by the participants at the event.


The projects can be supported by:

  • donations, which do not imply taking part in any of the races, but in which case the fund-raiser needs to register themselves as Champion;
  • direct donations into the project’s account, without it being implied that one needs to participate any of the races;
  • donations, which do not imply taking part in any of the races, wired into a Champion’s account;
  • participation fee in certain amount, which implies taking part in one of the Timotion 10 races.


Races in detail

The Timotion races 2024 edition are available here.

Any changes will be notified on the website and the event’s Facebook page.


Registration and participation fee

Recommended age

For the semi-marathon (21 km) participants need to be 18 years of age on May 12th, 2024.

For the 10 km race participants need to be 16 years of age on May 12th, 2024.

For the 12 km race participants need to be 12 years of age on May 12th, 2024.



Registration is open until May 1st, 2024 and is available online only. If this is your first time participating, you need to register through the http://www.timotion.ro/inregistrare/ page. If you already have an account from previous editions, you need to log in on the http://www.timotion.ro/login/ page with the email you previously used for registration.


Participation fee

Hamilton Race 2 km: 70 RON

Decathlon Fun on Wheels Race (min. 2 km): 70 RON

Profi Race 5.5 km: 130 RON

Dräxlmaier Race – cycling 10 km: 140 RON

Akwel 10.5 km Race and Flexik Semi-marathon 21 km: 150 RON

Timotion Flex – Everywhere Race: 70 RON

Continental Little Timotion Champions’ Race (non-timed race): 1.000 RON

Participation is free of charge for children under 7 (born after May 12th, 2017).


Payment details

Payment is done online by card (upon registration) or bank transfer. Bank transfer is to be wired into the account below:


Bank: Banca Comercială Română

IBAN: RO28 RNCB 0255 1510 2294 0001

Beneficiary: Fundația Comunitară Timișoara


In case payment is done by bank transfer or cash deposit at the bank, one needs to specify the following:

  • Name of participant(s) for whom the payment is done;
  • Reference number(s) received upon registering online on the www.timotion.ro website.

For the Timotion 2024 edition, participation fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another participant. Participation fee can only be refunded in case the event fails to take place for reasons pertaining to the organizers and following a request for refunding sent by the payer within seven calendar days from the date of the announcement. The main purpose of the Timotion event, besides that for work-out / running, is to support the community we are part of through the NGOs registered at Timotion, therefore in case the event fails to take place for reasons unrelated to the organizers, the amount raised and not requested for refunding will be directed to those projects.



You can find the event schedule here: https://www.timotion.ro/program-eveniment/


BIB number

Each validated competitor will receive a BIB numer. For the timed races, the BIB number will contain the timing chip. The BIB number is not transferable to another competitor without the organizers’ consent.

Participants in the Timotion Everywhere Race will receive their BIB number by e-mail and will then print it on their own.


Declaration on one’s own responsibility

Each Timotion participant must summit a completed and signed declaration, and show an ID card, to receive the race number and participant kit for the races that take place on the day of the event, May 12, with start and finish points in Huniade Square. More information about the kit distribution can be found here.


Event medal

All competitors crossing the finish line of any of the Timotion races will receive the event medal.


Event T-shirt

As every year, the organizers will issue the official T-shirt of the event, to remind participants of the time they took part in it, but also of their active involvement in the community.



Recommended work-out equipment:

  • sports footwear and clothing
  • BIB number (received from the organizers)

The organizers waive any liability for accidents taking place during the running of participants.


Withdrawal from the race

Any participant who can or wishes no longer to take part in the event, or is no longer able to continue the race, regardless of the reason, has to inform the organizers by e-mail or through the Timotion Facebook page.

The participation fee will not be refunded in care of withdrawal from the race.



By registering in the event, participants grant the organizers and their partners the right to use and reproduce any material containing images of the participants.


Other clauses

The organizers reserve the right to amend and/or complete the present Regulation.

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