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Cursa împotriva cancerului

This year, for the 7th time in a row, we are asking for the help of the community of Timișoara to continue to be a support for the children and young people affected by cancer from the pediatric oncology department in Timișoara. In the context where patients spend their long periods of hospitalization only in the salon, when the connection with the outside world happens mainly online, we want to design, in addition to the individual activities that we already offer patients in the form of worksheets, a set of therapeutic videos to offer educational content for patients in an interactive way. The Brave Lion, the beloved character and superhero of children affected by cancer, will be the central character of these videos. At the same time, we will organize meetings between cancer survivors where they will feel safe to share the challenges of life after treatment, to discuss topics untouched in any other context: the physical changes that occur after treatment, following a healthy routine that puts the body in motion, emotional harmony that is in close connection with the physical, nutrition and movement, all within the Temerarii Summer Camp.

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