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Hamilton 2 km Race (non-timed race)

This merely 2-km-long race is meant for all those who have not run before or for those who think that running is not their strong point. This first step will help them mobilize for the sake of their own health, as well as to promote and support a cause for the benefit of the community. The race encourages running for all ages (from 3-year-olds to 99-year-olds), for families, groups of friends or coworkers.

Children younger than 12 can only take part in the race if accompanied by an adult.

Running route for the Hamilton 2 km:

The Continental Little Timotion Champions’ Race (non-timed race)

The maximum number of teams has been reached.

This race is for the brave teams of children who want to run but also to raise funds for the chosen project. The race is meant for children aged 7-11, who will team up in teams of max. 20 kids. Each team needs to have at least one adult coordinator and raise funds in a minimum amount of 1.000 RON for the project they are running for. The fund-raising strategy is up to each team’s creativity. Teams which fail to raise on their champion profile page the minimum amount of 1.000 RON will not take part in the race.

Availability: max. 20 teams

Registration in this race is to be carried out by a team coordinator. Firstly, they need to click on the Registration button. If they have previously taken part in such a race, they need to click on the Login button. They will then choose the project the team wishes to support, select The Continental Little Timotion Champions’ Race, create the champion profile and type in the team’s target (min. 1000 lei) and also enter a message to describe the team and its motivation to take part in Timotion 10 and support the chosen project. They save the data and lastly click on the Register me button.

Minim participation age: 7 years

Running route:

Decathlon – Fun on Wheels Race (non-timed race)

This race is family friendly, meant both for children and adults. Participants can complete the 2 km route on roller skates, in a wheelchair, on scooter or bicycle. This race is dedicated to those who believe in urban mobility. Normality means enjoying the same things together and doing good together, easily.

Those looking for a slightly greater challenge can do the track twice, which adds up to a 4 km race.

Children younger than 12 can only take part in the race if accompanied by an adult.


Timotion Flex Everywhere Race (>1km)

If you are a fan of the „Timotion – Timișoara is moving!” movement and you find yourself in a city other than Timișoara, you get this opportunity to combine working out with community involvement from afar. Choose one of the Timotion 10 projects, register with the Timotion Flex Everywhere Race, and we’ll email you your BIB number, which you can print and wear while running, riding or doing any kind of workout on wheels for a distance of at least 1 km.

The great news is that this year you can work out and do good through this race ANYTIME in the period February 1st – May 26th, 2024, i.e. from the day we LAUNCH registration to the day we close the Timotion donations.

Post a selfie on Facebook or Instagram, so that your friends in Timișoara will know you’ve been working out at the same event as them – give your location, distance, #TimotionEverywhere hashtag and tag Timotion, so that we also find out and virtually congratulate you for your support.

Dräxlmaier Race – cycling 10 km (timed race)

This race is reserved for those with experience on two wheels, to those who ride bikes on a daily basis or several times a week, as it is a timed race. It is organized together with our partner EcoStuff Romania, and is open for participants over 14 years of age, with well maintained bikes (not electric ones!). Helmets are mandatory for the whole duration while on route (including warm-up and the race itself).

Maximum number of participants: 150

More details about the route of this race will be available soon.


Profi 5.5 km Race (timed race)

Participants in this race are amateur runners, who wish to combine the pleasure of a run with the opportunity to raise funds to support a community project, of the ones available at the event.

Minim participation age: 12 years

Running route:

Akwel 10.5 km Race (timed race)

This 10.5 km race represents the midway between the timed races for runners who wish to accomplish a gradual increase in distance from year to year and those who aim for an ambitious evolution from beginner to two-digit-kilometer distances.

Minim participation age: 16 years

Running route:

Flexik 21 km Semi-marathon (timed race)

This race is meant for those who effortlessly run two-digit-kilometer distances and for long distance runners. It is an amazing source of energy and fun. You get to discover the cityscape step by step, while running.

Minim participation age: 18 years

Running route:

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