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About Timotion

Timotion is, in just a few words, Timisoara’s biggest mass running event  that means: friendship, community, hope, involvement. 

The Timotion’s organizers are Alergotura and Timisoara Community Foundation(FCTM). Timotion is a non-profit event, powered by volunteers.

Timisoara is the first town in Romania where amateur joggers organized themselves in a community that promotes running and voluntarily helps the beginners, the ones who wish to strengthen their health by running.

United by the wish to rise a stronger community, the members of Alergotura and FCTM brought together various organizations, institutions and persons to create a running event in Timisoara. We now prepare for the sixth edition looking forward with the joy of combining, once again, the benefits of outdoor running and new projects that will be realized together.

We have a race for anyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced.  The running range is between 1 km and a HalfMarathon. You can even participate to more than one race.

Timisoara is moving!

More and more people enjoy running and other outdoor sports.

Come with us to get the city moving!

Team up with your friends or co-workers, spend this weekend day with your family or garter your classmates!

Timotion is a charity non-profit event. 


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: info@timotion.ro.

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